Lesson Guide 15 - Twin River Superspeedway

Lesson Guide 15 - Twin River Superspeedway

3 Digital Lessons: Sharing, Friendliness & Gratefulness

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Lesson Guide 15 - Twin River Superspeedway

3 Videos

  • (Sharing) "A Taxing Problem"

    When a tire shortage that hits the City of Auto keeps Miles from competing in the State Safety Derby, Johnny has an opportunity to look past his selfish ways and make a real sacrifice.
    Lesson 43 - LG15

  • (Friendliness) "Billy And The Big Horns"

    EJ, Izzi and friends race off to the great outdoors for a camping expedition. The road takes a startling turn when they meet a lost car raised in the wilds of Big Horn country. Can a smiling face beat a ramming head? Only Izzi knows for sure!
    Lesson 44 - LG15

  • (Gratefulness) "Home Sweet Home"

    Billy’s first trip to the city turns into the adventure of a lifetime as he discovers soccer, skateboarding, the video arcade, and most of all, ice cream! His excitement infects the whole gang, as everyone discovers that home can be the most wonderful place on earth.
    Lesson 45 - LG15

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