Lesson Guide 13 - Union City Speedway

Lesson Guide 13 - Union City Speedway

3 Digital Lessons: Decency, Goodness & Dignity

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Lesson Guide 13 - Union City Speedway

3 Videos

  • (Decency) "Movie Fx"

    EJ sees a movie that exceeds his ‘mileage rating’ (age limit) and his friends notice his behavior changes for the worse. Radical steps are needed to restore EJ’s decent behavior.
    Lesson 37 - LG13

  • (Dignity) "Cobra Canyon Leap"

    The legendary show car Diesel Kanevil comes to town for final jump – the leap across Cobra Canyon! However, to all the other cars Diesel appears too old and past his prime. Johnny feels it’s up to him to step in and boldly attempt to save his hero’s dignity.
    Lesson 39 - LG13

  • (Goodness) "Cheaters U-Turn"

    Its race time! To celebrate the opening of the new Morales Highway, the City of Auto has organized a grand race with the best racers from around the world. It looks like an easy victory for our sports Car Johnny! That is, if the other racers were not cheating.
    Lesson 38 - LG13

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