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  • 9-VIRTUES // Auto-B-Good™

    9 seasons

    The nine virtues of the Auto-B-Good™ SEL program are supported by 63 animated lesson shorts. The 9-Virtues help students become Trustworthy, Responsible, Respectful, Kind, Grateful, Fair, Courageous, Wise and an overall Good Citizen. Ideal for focusing on one virtue per month.

  • 3-YEAR LESSON PLAN // Auto-B-Good™

    3 seasons

    The "Sunday Drive" of our lesson plans, a leisurely 3-year journey through our 63 Character Traits. Track through 21 weekly lessons per school year in the original order the stories were written. watch the seasons change along with our characters.

  • SEL 5 Core Competencies

    5 seasons

    The Auto-B-Good™ character development program fits seamlessly into the 5 Core Competencies of Social Emotional Learning.
    CORE 1 // Self-Awareness
    CORE 2 // Self-Management
    CORE 3 // Responsible Decision Making
    CORE 4 // Relational Skills
    CORE 5 // Social Awareness

  • About ABG
    2 seasons

    About ABG

    2 seasons