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  • SEL 5 Core Competencies

    5 seasons

    The Auto-B-Good™ character development program fits seamlessly into the 5 Core Competencies of Social Emotional Learning.
    CORE 1 // Self-Awareness
    CORE 2 // Self-Management
    CORE 3 // Responsible Decision Making
    CORE 4 // Relational Skills
    CORE 5 // Social Awareness

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  • About ABG // Intro

    Rising Star Digital and Auto-B-Good™ supports educators by providing a complete package of teaching materials that enable the presentation and assimilation of character-trait education in a fun, non-threatening environment. Each individual lesson is fully self-contained and includes all of the to...

  • About ABG // How To Use


    Whether you are new to Rising Star Digital and the Auto-B-Good™ Character Development Program, or are just seeking to improve your understanding of how to better use these tools… This short video will help walk you through several of the features and how you might implement them in your school.

  • About ABG // Development


    A lot went into the creation and development of these award-winning character education resources that have been classroom tested and approved by elementary school students all around the globe. However you choose to use these tools, whether as a primary or a supplementary teaching tool, the Auto...

  • About ABG // Awards


    Parents and educators appreciate the strong positive messages and kids love the fun stories and engaging characters. This short video covers what people are saying as well as the awards and recognitions this top-notch program has earned.

  • About ABG // Correlations

    52 seasons

    The Auto-B-Good™ Character Education Program is uniquely aligned to Common Core and each state's standards for SEL, ELL/ESL, Language Arts, Social Studies and PE. To request a copy of any of these reports for review, please call us toll-free at 888.442.8555. Subscribers, you can simply select you...

  • About ABG // Lesson Plans


    There are lots of different ways in which you can integrate the Auto-B-Good™ Character Program into your educational experience. This short video walks you through the different options.